February 21, 2008


  • Please remember to give credit when credit is due.
  • Remember to Follow this blog!
  • Giving helpful hints within the recipe is encouraged! If you would like to post a variation of any recipe previously posted here, that's cool too - just be sure to have a link-back to the original recipe within your post.
  • A picture is not required but if you love to take pictures, then feel free! Remember you want it to look tasty so we'll want to make it ;)
  • Remember to give each post a category (Flavors) or two depending on the recipe.
  • Please! Take a look at all existing categories and use them before you publish. I’ve tried to include everything that is generally used in a cookbook. If you have something that you feel just doesn't fit in anywhere else, feel free to add a new category.
  • Please keep the Categories to the basic ingredient. If your recipe is a salad, for example, categorize it under Salads & not with each individual ingredient. If your salad has chicken in it then please categorize under Chicken & Salad.
  • Please remember to CAPITALIZE the first letter of your categories when you post. This keeps the "Flavors" section looking uniform.
  • When someone asks you a question about your recipe, PLEASE take the time to answer them!
  • Part of the enjoyment of this blog is getting comments on the recipes we post! Encourage each other when something is posted that looks good!
  • Remember when you try the recipes here, to come back and rate it using the stars at the bottom of the post!

Thank You!!

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