April 16, 2008

Crock Pot Chicken Fettuccine

This recipe is so easy it's almost embarrassing to post! It's also a little bland looking so I'll refrain from posting a picture - but trust me, it's freakin' good!

1 package chicken tenderloins (6-8)

1 packet Italian dressing mix I prefer the Italian but my husband prefers a packet of Ranch. Either way it's really good so just make this twice and try it both ways!

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 package sliced fresh mushrooms

4 oz. cubed cream cheese. I tried Neufchatel Cheese ("1/3 less fat than cream cheese") and in this recipe I didn't notice a difference in taste.

1 box fettuccine - or to add a little color to the meal, use the multi colored noodles instead.

Wacky Mac Pasta © 2008

Place chicken, dressing mix, soup and cream cheese in crock pot. Cook on low for 4-6 hours. The time of course depends on the size of the chicken and whether you put the crock on high or low.

Once that's done cook up the fettuccine according to package directions. Drain then dump the noodles in the crock with the chicken. Mix well - this will break up the chicken nicely!

I like to serve this with steamed carrots.


Amanda said...

definitely adding this to my menu plans in the next week or so. shanna, where do you find the wacky mac noodes you've mentioned a couple time? then again, i only look at wal-mart...so i am sure they are around here somewhere...elizabeth would love the fun color and shape!

Anonymous said...

I find mine at Wal-Mart ... bottom shelf :)