September 11, 2008

Cookie Monster Salad

Cookie Monster Salad

1 Small Pkg instant pudding
1 Pint of Buttermilk
1 med tub of Cool Whip

Mix that all together and then add:

1 Can or Pineapple & 1 can of Mandarine Oranges
and 1 pkg of fudge striped cookies crumbled


Kelly said...

Hi there..I'd like to join..I do alot of cooking..about 3-4 recipes a week for my family..I post over at my blog..check it out and let me know if I can come aboard.

Shanna said...

Hi Kelly,
The recipes on your blog look amazing!
We'd love to have you come aboard Good Stuff Maynard! :)
Send me an e-mail at shannabanana {@} rocketmail {dot} com and I'll use your e-mail to send you an invitation to the blog ;)