October 21, 2008


Oh how I LOVE fresh guacamole! This recipe is tweaked from my friend Alfega's recipe.

3-4 avocados
3 roma tomatos, diced
1 fresh lime
1 cup cilantro, chopped
salt to taste

Remove pit from avocados and set to side (do not throw away!). Mash avocado in glass bowl (note: DO NOT use metal when working with avocado--it will turn brown more quickly) with a plastic fork. Add all other ingredients. Put pits back into bowl with guacamole (this helps it not turn brown). Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until party (no more than 3 hours). Enjoy!


Shanna said...

GREAT tip on the pit! I'll have to try that - we're doing appetizers for dinner one night this week and this is on my list ;)

Shanna said...

I made this last night and have a question. WHAT do I do with that lime? I chopped it up and that was good but I wondered if I was supposed to just use the juice?
Also I drastically reduced the cilantro to just 1/4 c. since I only wanted a hint of the flavor. All in all though, it's a GREAT recipe - love that it's fresh!