October 21, 2009

Mummy Pizza

Mummy Pizza
Source:  Kara’s Kitchen Creations
Let’s get one thing straight before you go passing judgment about these super cute dinner dead guys.  I’m so not that mom.  You know the type?  The one who does all the crafty craftiness.  I don’t cut crusts off bread, or peel fruit for my kids and I don’t make shapes out of food either.  But it’s almost Halloween and I like to do fun things every once in a while just to shake things up a little.  These were simple, fast and, while I use the term loosely here, relatively healthy. 

English muffins
pizza sauce
string cheese
olives, halved
pizza seasoning (McCormick makes some in a shaker)

Directions (in case you haven’t figured this out for yourself)

Pre-heat oven to 375*
Split the muffins and spread the sauce liberally.  Place the halved olives where the eyes would be (as you can see I forgot to put the olives on before the cheese and was too lazy to fix it so I went with it).  If you’re super concerned about the eyes matching you could trim them up so the holes match.  I liked the mismatched-matched eyes – they seemed more spooky that way and it took much less effort!  Lay the pulled string cheese across each muffin to look like the mummy’s bandages!  Cook for about 10 minutes.

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tryn2bgreen said...

Too Funny!!! I just came across this recipe last night when I was trying to think of things for the kids halloween party, these are what I told Jamie I was going to make. ;-) I thought us adults could really indulge. Hope mine will be as yummy as yours.