January 19, 2010

Dear Maynard Roadies

Dear lovers of food and Good Stuff,

Please do not give up on me!  Because of the lack of sunshine filled windows and the abundance of darkness by dinner time, I have neglected Maynard!  My perfectionist side won't let me post a recipe without a picture to go with it so despite the fact that I’ve made some amazing recipes over the winter, I just haven’t had the light to shoot them with.  Yes, yes I know you’re saying “get a flash!”  I have a flash.  A really lovely flash actually but being the “artistic snob” I like to consider myself, I prefer to use natural light for most of my subjects, especially food.

So please be patient…I’ve been watching the sunset time get later and later as we sit down at dinner-time to enjoy all the lovelies I’ve been finding and preparing, collecting quite a list of “to make again” recipes to share with all of you faithful Maynard roadies!

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