Honestly, I don't know why I have an "about" tab up there at the top of my page, looking all important, because really what could I possibly write here that isn't already in my Profile?

I get asked, a lot, whether I take the pictures on this blog and the answer is, most of them, yes!  When I had other contributors on the blog, they would occasionally add a picture to their recipe which was great, because I love to see the end result.  Because I'm a stingy only-child and I don't like to share my things I put a © copyright symbol on all the pictures I take myself.  I'm selfish like that.

But seriously?  I LOVE love LOVE your comments!  I don't get enough of them and after having over 40,000 hits to Good Stuff Maynard, I want to see MORE comments!  Tell me why you love the recipe.  Tell me why you hate it!  Let me know if you've changed things or what you served it with.  Say JohnJacobJingleHymerShmidt if you want, but leave a comment! :)