Why Can't I Pin Recipes?

I've had Maynard for several years now and all the pictures that I've taken are hosted and locked up tight over at Flickr.  Until Pinterest came along this was all fine and dandy, and just how I wanted it because it kept people from snagging my pictures and using them as their own.

While I WANT you to Pin Maynard's goodies, it has to be done a little differently in order for me to continue to protect my photos, and keep them private at Flickr.  I'm slowly working to get all of Maynard's best recipes Pinned on the Good Stuff Maynard board at Pinterest.  I've provided a link on the right side of the blog that takes you directly to Maynard's board and from there, hopefully you'll be able to see the recipe you want to Pin and can do so from there.  I'm also working on adding a link to the bottom of each recipe that will take you directly to that recipe on Pinterest.

If there's a recipe you'd like to Pin, but don't see it on Maynard's Pinterest board, please feel free to leave me a comment on the recipe and I'll Pin it for you so that you can then Pin it your board.

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